Sanitaryware Dealer offers Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Water Closets, Wash Basins and Bathroom Accessories. Sanitary Ware Dealer India. Offers Water Closet including Italian Water Closet, Irani Water Closet. Sanitaryware Color – Ceramic Sanitary Ware Color Chart. For Designer Ceramic Sanitary Ware Contact harikrishna Associates, Thangadh, Gujarat, India. Enquiry for Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Water Closets, Wash Basins and Bathroom Accessories.

Technical Specification of vitreous sanitary ware as per 2556 (part I) : 1994/2004..
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Harikrishna Associates, as an Indian well-known name in sanitary ware, was registered in 2000 in India, and a Company was set up in the sanitaryware capital of India – Thangadh, Gujarat, India. Which designed by professional designer , Not only Nobleness , but also Elegance. We made products of individuation , quiet , water-saving and environmental protection.

Harikrishna Associates
Sanitary Wares also through such a strong rapport to show our item’s characteristics and with her to join initiated stylish, comfortable and healthy new life concept , become another apotheosis both of company aqnd star’s cooperation.

Mr. jayesh Sachchadev
statement many years ago on the use of Harikrishna associates Sanitary Wares product by its unique fashion , environmental protection, clean attracted by the concept. Harikrishna Associates Sanitary Wares long advocated the “Fashion-warm” and sanitary living concept, the process of using its comfort, attention to detail, proper design and indeed to meet the high quality of urbanite life, it as a leader of modern life. Therefore ,the image of her as spokesperson Harikrishna Associates Sanitary Wares felt very honored.

Believes that “fashion-Warm” Harikrishna Associates Sanitary Wares to enjoy high quality of life” slogan has a strong call for the Mr. jayesh sachchadev under the bathroom will be Harikrishna Associates Sanitary Wares advocated by the health, sanitary lifestyle concept of the best interpretation.

It will be your best choice to cooperate with us…. Harikrishna associates

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